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update module.xml to allow the use of the module with jelix 1.2. update README too. thanks catsoup for the report.

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 * Copy the mmodule in your application
+* If you run jelix 1.2, you must install the module:
+  - add "izfixtures.access=2" in the [modules] section of the defaultconfig.ini.php file
+  - then run this jelix-scripts command: "php jelix.php installmodule izfixtures cmdline"
+If you don't have a cmdline.php entrypoint in your scripts/ folder, create one, using this command:
+  "php jelix.php createentrypoint -type cmdline cmdline"
+Finally clear temp directory, to make sure everything is ok:
+  "php jelix.php cleartemp"
 * Create a data.js or data.yml file into var/fixtures/ of your application, depending on the format you want to use
 * Add truncate method in each dao files needed :
 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 <module xmlns="">
-    <info id="izfixtures@yourwebsite.undefined" name="izfixtures" createdate="2009-11-21">
+    <info id="" name="izfixtures" createdate="2009-11-21">
         <version stability="pre-alpha" date="">0.1pre</version>
         <label lang="en_EN">izfixtures</label>
-        <description lang="en_EN"></description>
-        <license URL="">All right reserved</license>
-        <copyright>2008 yourname</copyright>
+        <description lang="en_EN">Allows to quickly load fixtures data in your tables in developpement mode</description>
+        <license URL="">LGPL</license>
+        <copyright>2009-2010 Loic Mathaud</copyright>
         <creator name="Loic Mathaud" email="" active="true" />
-        <!--<contributor name="hisname" email="hisemail@yoursite.undefined" active="true" since="" role=""/>-->
-        <homepageURL>http://www.yourwebsite.undefined</homepageURL>
-        <!--<updateURL>http://www.yourwebsite.undefined/update.xml</updateURL>-->
+        <homepageURL></homepageURL>
-        <jelix minversion="1.1.4" maxversion="1.1.4" />
+        <jelix minversion="1.1.4" maxversion="1.2" />