Quick documentation about izsimplecontact


This module allow you to add a quick contact form into your Jelix applications.
It displays a contact form and sends the message to the webmasterEmail of the application


izsimplecontact is provided under the terms of the LGPL Licence


Copy the module you application and that's all !

If you do not have some styles for {jmessage 'ok'} i suggest these one :

    ul.jelix-msg-ok {
        color: #064A06;
        text-align: center;
        font-weight: bold;
        background: #D3FBD3;
        border: 1px solid #0B840B;
        padding: 5px;
    li.jelix-msg-item-ok {list-style: none;}


Call the zone 'izsimplecontact~contact' where you want the contact form to be displayed, in the action that you want

The zone have 2 parameters :

* return_url (mandatory) : selector of the action to go to after the message has been sent
* return_url_params (optional) : parameters serialized to pass to the return_url, if needed

Example in a template :

    {zone 'izsimplecontact~contact', array('return_url'=>'myModule~myControler:myAction')}


As it's a Jelix module, you can :

- overload the contact form (forms/contact.form.xml) to add your controls
- overload the contact template (templates/contact.tpl) to adapt the display of the form
- overload the email template (templates/email.tpl) to change the email you receive via this contact form
- overload the locales (locales/xx_XX/ if you want to change some texts