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File JmesaGrailsPlugin.groovy

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     // TODO Fill in these fields
     def title = "Jmesa Plugin" // Headline display name of the plugin
-    def author = "jeff.jie"
-    def authorEmail = "bbmyth@gmail.com"
+    def author = "Lokanada Reddy"
+    def authorEmail = "lokanada.r@sigmainfo.net"
     def description = '''\
          Jmesa plugin is a dynamic html tabular represenration 
          of data that allows you to filter,sort, paginate, 

File README.txt

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-Jmesa- 2.0.4 
-Allows Grails applications to easily integrate  with the functionality .Utilizes Jmesa feature as an underlying
-mechanism so serves managing represenration of data in tabular form ,filter,sort, paginate, export and edit
+Allows Grails applications to easily integrate  with the functionality. Utilizes Jmesa feature as an underlying
+mechanism so serves managing representation of data in tabular form, filter,sort, paginate, export
 your data.I recommend you read the Jmesa documentation before continuing to get a feel for how this plugin 
 Export/Import: Provide Export and Import of data in Pdf and Excel format.
 Filter: Allowing filtering of data based on domain class field name.
-To get started a very basic sample application  we need to package the plugin ,install and run the application
-grails package-plugin
-grails install-plugin
-grails run-app 
 Install the plugin by providing path to local file system where the plugin.zip file is located .
-grails install-plugin /path/to/grails-jmesa-2.0.4.zip
+grails install-plugin jmesa
+Simple Example
+GSP :
+    <head>
+        <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=UTF-8" />
+        ...
+        <script language="javascript" src="<Js path>"></script>
+        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<Css path>" />
+        <script type="text/javascript">
+        function onInvokeAction(id) {
+            setExportToLimit(id, '');
+            createHiddenInputFieldsForLimitAndSubmit(id);
+        }
+        function onInvokeExportAction(id) {
+            var parameterString = createParameterStringForLimit(id);
+            location.href = '../list?' + parameterString;
+        }
+        </script>
+    </head>
+    <body>
+        .........
+         <form name="modelForm" action="list">
+                <jmesa:tableFacade id="tag" items="${modelsList}" maxRows="25" stateAttr="restore" var="modelInstance" autoFilterAndSort="true" maxRowsIncrements="25,50,100">
+                    <jmesa:htmlTable style=" border-collapse: separate">
+                        <jmesa:htmlRow highlighter="true">
+                            <jmesa:htmlColumn property="name" sortable="true" filterable="true" cellEditor="org.jmesa.view.editor.BasicCellEditor" nowrap>
+								<g:link action="show" id="${modelInstance.id}">${modelInstance.name}</g:link>
+							 </jmesa:htmlColumn>
+    	                     <jmesa:htmlColumn property="description" sortable="true" filterable="true" cellEditor="org.jmesa.view.editor.BasicCellEditor">${modelInstance.description}</jmesa:htmlColumn>
+                             <jmesa:htmlColumn width="50px" property="source" sortable="true" filterable="true" title="Source TDS">${modelInstance.source}</jmesa:htmlColumn>
+                             <jmesa:htmlColumn width="50px" property="status" sortable="true" filterable="true" title="Model Status">${modelInstance.status}</jmesa:htmlColumn>
+                        </jmesa:htmlRow>
+                    </jmesa:htmlTable>
+                </jmesa:tableFacade>
+            </form>
+            .........
+      <body>
+Controller :
+		TableFacade tableFacade = new TableFacadeImpl("tag",request)
+        tableFacade.items = modelsList  // list of records which you want to render
+        Limit limit = tableFacade.limit
+		if(limit.isExported()){
+            tableFacade.setExportTypes(response,limit.getExportType())
+            tableFacade.setColumnProperties(<properties you need to render in export file as ',' separated>)
+            tableFacade.render()
+        }else
+            return [modelsList : modelsList]
-All contribution welcome.
+All contributions are welcome.
 For code changes please ensure you supply working tests and documentation.
 Requests for additional information to go along with this documentation are also welcomed.
-JmesaGails plugin was written by jeff johnston and upgraded by SigmaInfo Solution.
+Jmesa was written by jeff johnston and plugin build by Lokanada Reddy, Vivek Singh