Problem installing Acrobat X Pro with DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES method

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I found your DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES method for installing Adobe apps when booting from case-sensitive volumes and installing the Adobe apps on a case-insensitive volume, and am tying to get it working but having problems. The problem is in installing Acrobat X Pro (and a couple of others, ie Muse and Touch Plug-Ins) - it uses a different way of installing than most of the other Adobe apps - instead of the "" it uses a program called "" and if I change the Makefile to invoke instead of I get an error 16 that says "Failed to load deployment file" - seems like there is not enough information given to the program.

This is part of trying to get the new CS6 version of the apps installed trying to use the Adobe Application Manager way of licensing via the Creative Cloud subscription service if that makes any difference. CS6 versions of Photoshop and Illustrator seem to have installed OK using this method.

I've noticed when running the other Adobe apps that did install fine using your method that the real work is done via an Adobe tool called - here is the command I see running during the install process (note that the super long hex numbers change for each and every product that is installed):

/Volumes/Speed/Applications/Utilities/Adobe Application Manager/DECore/ --deploymentFile=/tmp/7D947C9B-5190-4C59-84EE-2B7D32E9ABEF/ADF73A0F-8B95-4ACD-B681-6AA129EFDABA --selfDelete=false --skipSync=1 --userASUPath="" --DEVersion=6.0

Note that this "" is not the same that is on the install volume, but is a utility in the AAM tree - so it would appear that the in the install volume isn't receiving enough information during the invocation from your makefile script.

Any ideas on how to get Acrobat installed using your DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES method? Or better yet any idea how to use your DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES with AAM?

Let me know if you would like any more information.

I got Illustrator and Photoshop CS6 installed using CreativeCloud licensing and am so happy and want to say thanks so much for this great work!!!! Can't use AAM (Adobe Application Manager) to download as it immediately tries to install, so have to download a Trial disk image and use your DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES method and after it gets installed the AAM then recognizes it really is installed.

I can't believe Adobe makes things so difficult for their apps on systems with case-sensitive boot volumes. It's almost as if they know things will work OK on case-sensitive volumes but they don't want to tell anyone and have to support it I guess. But using your little app to deceive the installer is a really clever idea!!!

Thanks so much...


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  1. DeepYogurt reporter

    Well -- got around the problem by using a trial download of Master Collection which uses the "" way of putting apps on the disk and it contains Acrobat X Pro. So this might be a workaround for people who want to install Acrobat X Pro but the problem is still an issue for a couple of apps that are not part of any trial suite, namely "Adobe Muse" and "Adobe Touch Plugins" which are both part of CreativeCloud series of apps.

    One weird thing about Acrobat X Pro install is that the installer program puts it in /Applications (which is part of the case-sensitive boot volume) even though it was told to put in the folder that was symbolically linked in the case-insensitive volume. Any idea why that is? It seems to run, so perhaps Acrobat X Pro doesn't care what sort of filesystem it is installed and run on??

    Another funny thing is when trying to run updates, it again aborts with a funny error. If you do the same sort of install using the Makefile from here, you can install them, but you just have to do them one at a time. You also have to play a funny game with the downloader and "capture a snapshot" of the updates after they complete and before the actual update process begins. This will likely be a problem for really small updates as you might not have time to save a copy before it is deleted, so guess the best thing to do is wait until there are some big updates so you have time to snapshot a copy before they go away.

    All these funny games - seems like such a waste of time - if only Adobe would really support case sensitive filesystems. In any event things seem to be working for the most part with a couple of exceptions but all in all, I am really so glad that you've come up with this method of getting things installed.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!


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