adobe_case_sensitive_volumes / Makefile

CS5_INSTALLER_PATH=/Volumes/CS5_5\ Mstr\ Coll/Adobe\ CS5_5\ Master\ Collection/

lib_override_volume_sensitivity_check.dylib: src/override_volume_sensitivity_check.c 
	gcc -DDEBUG -ggdb -arch i386 -arch x86_64 -Wall -framework CoreServices -o lib_override_volume_sensitivity_check.dylib -dynamiclib src/override_volume_sensitivity_check.c

.PHONY: clean run

	rm -rf ./*.dylib* *~ core

ifneq ($(shell whoami),root)
	@echo "You are not root. Please rerun this command as root (sudo)"
	DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES=$(shell pwd)/lib_override_volume_sensitivity_check.dylib $(CS5_INSTALLER_PATH)
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