Synopses App

Mobile frontend for the Synopses electronic patient file project, optimised for Android tablets, based on Polymer Framework.

Backend project:

See LICENSE file in the root folder.


(1) Install Bower (npm install -g bower) and run:

bower install

(2) Install Vulcanize (npm install -g vulcanize) and run:

vulcanize elements.html > vulcanized.html

This will create vulcanized.html, which is used in index.html.

(3) Optional: you can also npm install gulp and browser-sync for live-reload development using:

gulp server

After the project is restructured (into app/components) we can use gulp-vulcanize as build tool.


You will need to proxy /api to the synopses-base project /api - e.g. using nginx:

location /api/ {
    proxy_pass http://localhost:5000/api/;


Hitting http://localhost:8080?debug will bypass sign-in.