Monster Mechanics

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Running the Game

On Windows or Mac OS X, locate the "" file and double-click it.

Othewise open a terminal / console and "cd" to the game directory and run:


How to Play the Game

Drag parts onto your monster in order to attach them. You have to pay for this in Mutagen. Mutagen is won by killing enemies.

The parts are:

  • Thistle Gun - fires thistles that do damage.
  • Scales - armour
  • Spikes - these do damage if you can get close enough
  • Legs - for standing on
  • Heart - heals your components. The healing spreads through your creature. This is cumulative with more lungs.
  • Lungs - every component they are attached to performs better. This is cumulative with more lungs.
  • Mutagen Bladder - adding these raises your maximum mutagen
  • Wings - for decoration. (ran out of time)
  • Eyeball - for decoration. (ran out of time)

You die if your head dies. Hovering parts will show their current health.

You can also upgrade parts - click on a part when its health bar is showing, then click upgrade.

You can also take control your monster with left and right arrow keys, and space bar to attack. Pressing nothing will cause your monster to resume fighting automatically.

Development notes

Creating a source distribution with:

python sdist

You may also generate Windows executables and OS X applications:

python py2exe
python py2app

Upload files to PyWeek with:


Upload to the Python Package Index with:

python register
python sdist upload