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Solve #19

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     def decorator(func):
         def clone(arg):
             if arg in storage:
-                print 'FROM CACHE'
                 return storage[arg]
             result = func(arg)
             if limit is None or len(storage) < limit:
 import itertools
 import math
 import operator
+import logging
 from lib import prime_factors, prime_product, timer
         count = divisors(x)
         if count > max_divisors:
             max_divisors = count
-            print x, count
+            logging.debug('%d, %d' % (x, count))
         if count > 500:
             return x
 import problem16
 import problem17
 import problem18
+import problem19
 import problem67
 class ProblemTestCase(unittest.TestCase):
     def test_problem18(self):
         self.assertEqual(1074, problem18.solve())
+    def test_problem19(self):
+        self.assertEqual(171, problem19.solve())
+    # ...
     def test_problem67(self):
         self.assertEqual(7273, problem67.solve())
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