Grigoriy Petukhov committed 87cfa04

Teach parser to process posts without content

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         resp['feed'].last_checked =
     for entry in resp['feed'].entries:
-        title = getattr(entry, 'title', 'untitled')
+        # Do not process entries without title
+        if not hasattr(entry, 'title'):
+            continue
+        title = entry.title
         link = getattr(entry, 'link', '')
         if hasattr(entry,'content'):
         elif hasattr(entry,'description'):
             content = entry.description
-            continue
+            # Use title as fallback variant for the post's content
+            content = title
         summary = content[:summary_size]
             data_files.append(os.path.join(prefix, f))
-    version = '0.1.11',
+    version = '0.1.12',
     description = 'Django application for atom/rss feeds aggregation i.e. planet engine',
     author = 'Grigoriy Petukhov',
     author_email = '',
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