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 Feedzilla Django Application
+* lxml instead BeautifulSoup
+* New dependencies: lxml, grab
+* Templates for ATOM/RSS feed moved to templates/feedzilla/feed directory
+About feedzilla
 This is Django application that adds to your site ability to aggregate
 ATOM/RSS feeds and display them in single stream. In other words you can
 use feedzilla to build planet site.
 * Use ``pip`` or ``easy_install`` to install *feedzilla* package.
 * Install dependencies (see below).
 * Add feedzilla to INSTALLED_APPS.
-* Run ``manage.py syncdb`` or ``manage.py sync`` if you use South.
+* Run ``manage.py syncdb`` or ``manage.py syncdb --migrate`` if you use South.
 * Include ``url('', include('feedzilla.urls'))`` in url config.
 * Setup Site instance via Django admin interface.
 * Setup feedzilla settings via settings.py. See available settings below.
 * django-common
 * django-tagging
 * feedparser
+* lxml
+* grab
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