Project Status

This repository is not maintained anymore.

All my actual projects are located at https://github.com/lorien

Also check out my web scraping services at https://grablab.org

Also check out my telegram bot services at https://tgdev.io

PyBB - Python Bulletin Board

Simple discussion board for your django powered website.

Questions? lorien@lorien.name


  1. Install recent version of pybb from bitbucket repository

  2. Update settings.INSTALLED_APPS:

  3. Update urls.py:

    url(r'^forum/', include('pybb.urls', namespace='pybb')),
  4. Put templates/pybb from pybb repository to your templates directory. Use these templates as starting point and change them according to design of your site. Default templates use django-widget-tweaks applications.

  5. Run command:

    ./manage.py migrate pybb