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-What is PYBB?
+PyBB - is Django application which implements forum function, i.e., 
+it allows users of your site to create discussion threads also known as topics.
-The main point in development of pybb is to build it so it could be
-*easily* integrated to existing django based site. This mean:
+PyBB is quite unstable. If some feture exists in rev.A then it could be
+dropped in rev.B.
-* pybb does not provide features like user registration, password restoring.
-  It does not provide authentication page. You should use your favorite
-  application for such things. You can try well known django-registration
- or my own implementation
- Both applications contain install instruction
-  in the distributive. The demo site use django-account.
+Current implementation does not have templates. You can find working set
+of templates here:
-* all pybb stuff placed in one application which is called pybb
-* I'm trying to stay with KISS principle. At least in the beginning of pybb
-  development. I mean that there are no threaded posts and there is only bbcode
-  markup support and there is no multi-level nested categories.
-* BeautifulSoup
-* python-markdown
-* simplejson
-* pytils (optional, need for russian language support)
-* south (optional) - required for migrations
-How to install PYBB?
-* Firstly you have to install pybb. You have two ways:
-  * Install pybb with easy_install or pip tools
-  * Clone pybb repository from and place it in your project
-* Put `pybb` into settings.INSTALLED_APPS
-* Run `python pybb_install` or do following steps manually:
-  * Find the static directory in the pybb source and copy or symlink static/pybb to %MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb
-  * Create %MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb/avatars directory and chmod it (if that required)
-* Put `include('pybb.urls'))` into main project file
-* Do `python syncdb`
-* And do not forget to install some authentication application like django-registration or django-account. See info in the bottom of README
-i18n support
-PYBB support only english and russian translations now.
-You should enable django.middleware.locale.LocaleMiddleware to activate
-django locale autodetecting.
-How to glue PYBB with account application?
-* For registration, login, logout links PYBB uses reverse and url template tag
-  with names same to django-registration application. Django-account uses the same
-  names too. This mean that if you want use one of these two application then
-  all you need is to correctly install one.
-* If you account application use specific url names or don't use them at all then
-  you have two ways:
-  * edit PYBB sources and write correct urls
-  * add required url names to account application urlpatterns
-??? * Don't forget to write valid LOGIN_URL to the settings
+Send all questions to

File pybb/

         last_posts = list(self.topic.posts.order_by('-created')[:2])
         last_post_id = self.topic.get_last_post().id
+        # Change `last_post` of the forum which the deleted post belongs to
+        # This needs to avaid forum deletion
+        forum =
+        if forum.last_post == self:
+            post = Post.objects.filter(topic__forum=forum).exclude('-created')[0]
+            forum.last_post = post
         if self_id == head_post_id:
         elif self_id == last_post_id: