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 The PRIMARY AUTHORS are (and/or have been):
     * Grigoriy Petukhov <lorien@lorien.name>
-And here is an inevitably incomplete list of MUCH-APPRECIATED CONTRIBUTORS --
-people who have submitted patches, reported bugs, added translations, helped
-answer newbie questions, and generally made PyBB that much better:
-    Zhukov Pavel <gelios@gmail.com>
-    Nikolai Sevostjanov <nikolai.sevostjanov@gmail.com>
-    Denis Burij <denger@footter.com>
-    Alexander Solovyov <piranha@piranha.org.ua>
-    William Grzybowski <william88@gmail.com>
-    Nikolai Zamkovoi <nickzam@gmail.com>


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-Copyright (c) 2008-2009, Grigoriy Petukhov
+Copyright (c) 2008-2012, Grigoriy Petukhov
 All rights reserved.
 Redistribution and use in source and binary forms, with or without modification, are permitted provided that the following conditions are met:


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 PyBB - Python Bulletin Board
-Pybb is a django forum application. For now PyBB is unstable.
-If some feture exists in rev.A then it could be dropped in rev.B.
+Pybb is a simple django forum application.
-Send all questions to lorien@lorien.name
+Email: lorien@lorien.name
 Basic info: http://packages.python.org/pybb/
 Most recent version is on bitbucket. Package on pypi.python.org
 is updated from time to time.
-PyBB Demo
-Quick way to test pybb is to install pybb-demo_ project.
-It is preconfigured django project which you can setup and run in five minuetes.
-PyBB is shipped with default templates which you can use as basis for
-development your own templates. PyBB is not shipped with any stylesheets,
-you can find some CSS in pybb-demo_ project.
-.. _pybb-demo: http://bitbucket.org/lorien/pybb-demo
-To run tests you need django-webtest and lxml packages to be installed

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 Oficial repository: http://bitbucket.org/lorien/pybb
-Author's email: lorien@lorien.name
-* Install all dependencies and configure it.
-* Edit settings.py
-  * Add ``pybb`` to ``INSTALLED_APPS``
-  * Add ``from pybb.settings import *`` line
-  * Add ``pybb.middleware.PybbMiddleware`` to ``MIDDLEWARE_CLASSES``
-* Add ``url('^forum/', include('pybb.urls'))`` to ``urls.py`` file
-* Run command ``manage.py migrate`` if you installed `south <http://south.aeracode.org>`_ (recommended) or ``./manage.py syncdb`` (if south is not installed)
-* Symlink or copy pybb static files to "%MEDIA_ROOT%/pybb"
-* Run command ``manage.py pybb_created_related_objects`` It will create Profile objects for each existing
-  user.
-* django-common
-* markdown
-* pytils (optional)
-* south (optional)
-* django-haystack (required for search, optional)
-Feature list
-* Each category, forum, topic and post has its own permanent url
-* BBcode and markdown support
-* Simple moderator system
-* Email subscription on topic replies
-* Topic could be sticked or closed
-* Plain text urls are converted to active links
-* Each user has profile with individual forum related settings
-* Unread topics are marked
-* i18n
-* File attachments to the post
-* AJAX preview of new post content
-* Search
+Email support: lorien@lorien.name
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     :maxdepth: 1