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pypi-tools / README


Package pypi-tools contains now only one script called ``pypi``.
It is command line utility for searching in Python Package Index.


Let's find something. What about some django gravatar application?

    $ pypi django avatar

Hmm, nothing. Ok, maybe just gravatar? :)

    $ pypi gravatar
    django-gravatar                - Gravatar Support in a Django Reusable Application
    gravatar                       - Gravatar generator. Includes all API parameters included in their documentation.
    tw.gravatar                    - inserts gravatar images
    tw.gravatar                    - inserts gravatar images

Cool. It found something. Duplicated tw.gravatar line looks like a bug :)

Let's see what is tw.gravatar.

    $ pypi -s tw.gravatar
     name:                tw.gravatar
     summary:             inserts gravatar images
     version:             0.1a0dev-20100727
     author:              Nicolas Laurance
     author_email:        nicolas[dot]laurance<at>gmail.com
     keywords:            toscawidgets.widgets,gravatar
     classifiers:         Development Status :: 3 - Alpha
                          Environment :: Web Environment
                          Environment :: Web Environment :: ToscaWidgets
                          Framework :: TurboGears :: Widgets

Ooops, it is not django application.

``pypi`` command understand complex search queries. You can see the list of search
operators in ``pypi -h`` output.

Here is example of searching all crap I have uploaded on the Python Package Index:

    lorien@big:/web/pypi-tools$ ./pypi --author_email lorien@lorien.name
    django-account                 - Django application for registration and authentication
    django-bookmarker              - Social bookmark linsk
    django-common                  - A number of useful django shortcuts and helpers