DeaDBeeF is a music player for *nix-like systems and OS X.

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Download development builds

Build Status

Download the latest GNU/Linux builds

Whilst OSX/Cocoa version can be used, it is unfinished and is under heavy development. Don't put your expectations too high yet.

Download the latest OSX build


The following instructions assume that commands are executed in deadbeef repository folder.

Linux, BSD and similar (GTK/*NIX version)

  • Install autoconf, automake, libtool, intltool, autopoint
  • Run ./ to bootstrap
  • Read the generated INSTALL file and ./configure --help for instructions
  • See the README file for more information

OS X (COCOA version)

  • Fetch the dependencies: git submodule update --init
  • Install XCode
  • Install Yasm
  • Run xcodebuild -project osx/deadbeef.xcodeproj -target deadbeef -configuration Release
  • Get the output: osx/build/Release/
  • OR open the osx/deadbeef.xcodeproj in XCode, and build/run from there

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