1. Steven Kryskalla
  2. colorapp


== colorapp ==

This is a simple WSGI app for playing around with colors. I wrote it because
I didn't like fiddling around with hex values or a color picker to tweak colors
when designing something. Instead, this lets you provide a base color either as
hex ("#FF0000") or a color name ("red"), then apply operations to that color
using simple plain text commands:

* "lighter" - adds a constant amount to each RGB value
* "darker" - subtracts a constant amount from each RGB value
* "more X" - adds the RGB components of color X to each RGB value
* "less X" - subtracts the RGB components of color X from each RGB value

You can control how much is added or subtracted by SHOUTING :)

For example:

* "more blue" gives a 20% increase in blue
* "more BLUE" gives a 50% increase
* "MORE blue" also gives a 50% increase
* "MORE BLUE" gives an 80% increase

The more capital letters you use the larger the value will be (up to 80%).

== Examples ==

A running version of the app should be online here:


Try these examples of colors and operations:

red -> MORE YELLow, LIGHTer, LESS red, LESS red, MORE blue, LESS GREEN, LESS green, MORE blue, more RED, DARker, LESS green

chocolate -> DARKer, more mintcream

tomato -> more BISQUE

== Requirements ==

This app needs these two packages to run:
* webob: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/WebOb/
* webcolors: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/webcolors

Also, if you have werkzeug it will use the werkzeug development server.

== Future ==

* make this into something that can be used in part to generate dynamic CSS
** kinda like this: http://sandbox.pocoo.org/clevercss/ but without the syntax

* more color names (people seem to like entering the names of fruit, even though
they don't all work)

* do more with different color spaces and color operations

* more ideas:
** http://kuler.adobe.com
** http://colorschemedesigner.com/
** http://colorbrewer2.org/