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ltchinese - a library of utilities for working with the Chinese language

ltchinese - A library of utilities for the Chinese language (pinyin, zhuyin, encodings, phonetics, etc.) from http://lost-theory.org/.

  • ocrat - represents the data from the Ocrat Mirror Project (stroke order GIFs, etc.) at http://lost-theory.org/ocrat/
  • conversion - conversion functions between Chinese encodings and representations
  • annotate - annotate and romanize Chinese characters with pinyin, zhuyin, etc.
  • phonetics - represents the data from the Mandarin Phonetics table (valid Mandarin syllables, male / female pronunciation clips) from http://lost-theory.org/chinese/phonetics/


None (optionally an sqlite module for Python < 2.5).


Installs via easy_install, pip install, or python setup.py install.