1. Steven Kryskalla
  2. wsgitalk


== Setup ==

Create a new virtualenv / venv, activate it, then run the following:

    pip install WebOb
    pip install Werkzeug
    pip install CherryPy
    pip install Tempita
    pip install ToscaWidgets
    pip install tw.forms
    pip install Genshi
    pip install selector
    pip install barrel

== Running the examples ==

Run the examples (and read the documentation at the top of each file) in this

    bin/python examples1-simple/simple.py
    bin/python examples1-simple/environ.py
    bin/python examples1-simple/dummy_server.py
    bin/python examples1-simple/servers.py
    bin/python examples1-simple/servers.py werkzeug
    bin/python examples1-simple/servers.py cherrypy

    bin/python examples2-basics/wrapper_werkzeug.py
    bin/python examples2-basics/wrapper_webob.py
    bin/python examples2-basics/middleware.py
    bin/python examples2-basics/framework.py

    bin/python examples3-lifecycle/base_app.py
    bin/python examples3-lifecycle/run_with_lifecycle.py

    bin/python examples4-notebrowser/notebrowser.py

    bin/python examples5-forms/form_app.py

    bin/python examples6-auth/app.py