Reverse CJK


This is a feature just for fun.

When sending messages, this plugin will reverse the order of CJK(Chinese/Japanese/Korean) characters. Note it will no work with ascii characters.


When sending message "English 中文 中 end", it will turn this message into "English 中 文中 end" and then send it.


For bugs reports, hints, … email me at lotabout( at )

How to install:

Read the INSTALL file.

How to use:

  1. Compile and Install (read INSTALL).

  2. Linux: if you don't have GNU make program installed on your system, to install the plugin manually copy in your purple home dir:

    (if ~/.purple/plugins/ does not exist: $ mkdir ~/.purple/plugins/ ) $ cp ~/.purple/plugins/

    Windows: Move reverse-cjk.dll in Pidgin plugins dir (I suppose you can create C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Applications data.purple\plugins and move the plugin there). In Windows it should be something like C:\Programmi\Pidgin\plugins\

  3. In Pidgin->Tools->Plugins, tick the "Reverse CJK" plugin. Then All CJK characters will be reversed.