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" Vim syntax file
" Language:     newLISP
" Maintainer:   Cyril Slobin <>
" URL:
" Another URL:
" Started at:   2007 Nov 07 (The Great Revolution 90th anniversary)
" Last change:  2011 Apr 13
" newLISP site:

" $Id: newlisp.vim,v 1.35 2011/04/13 13:55:35 slobin Exp $

" *** Some syntax quirks of newLISP and how this file treats them: ***

" * In the following text, the word "character" refers to the ASCII
"   characters, and the word "symbol" to the lisp symbols (= atoms).
" * All built-in symbols are in the same class (Statement). Functions,
"   definitions, macros and control structures aren't distinguished.
" * The quoting character ' (apostrophe) is allowed anywhere, even
"   before closing parenthesis.
" * The comma character , makes a symbol by itself and need not be
"   separated from adjacent symbols.
" * Brackets [ ] and braces { } are allowed in symbols, even unmatched
"   ones. They albeit will break the Vim parentheses matching logic.
" * Special syntax for : character (colon) is underway. Meantime it is
"   just highlighted and not checked otherwise.
" * newLISP sometimes allows numbers, symbols or strings to follow one
"   another without a separator (like 1.2.3e4e5, which is valid and
"   equal to three tokens 1.2 .3e4 e5). Such a beast is rather a typo
"   than  someones intent, so it is highlighted as error.
" * If a backlash character \ in a quoted string is not followed by
"   a valid escape sequence, the interpreter doesn't alarm you, it just
"   silently removes this character from the string. E.g. the string
"   "a\b" is equal to the string "ab". Again, this is rather a typo than
"   someones intent, so it is highlighted as error.
" * This syntax file requires the Vim version 7.0 or newer. It may or
"   may not work with the Vim 6.x, although I haven't tested this.
" * New in this version: this is a major release, many changes in code.
"   Beware of fresh bugs! Also got in sync with newLISP 10.3.0 release.

" Modified for slimv.vim 

if exists("b:current_syntax") || exists("g:slimv_disable_newlisp")

runtime syntax/**/newlisp.vim

syntax case match

setlocal iskeyword=33,36-38,42,43,45-47,48-57,60-64,@,91-94,_,123-126

syn region newlispComment oneline start="[;#]" end="$" contains=newlispTodo,@Spell
syn keyword newlispTodo FIXME TODO XXX contained

syn region newlispDocComment start="^;;\(\s\|$\)" end="^\(;;\(\s\|$\)\)\@!" contains=newlispTodo,newlispDocCommentExample,newlispDocCommentUserKeyword,newlispDocCommentKeyword,newlispDocCommentItalic,newlispDocCommentMonospace,newlispDocCommentHTMLTag,newlispDocCommentHTMLEntity,@Spell
syn region newlispDocCommentExample matchgroup=newlispDocCommentKeyword start="^;;\s@example$"ms=s+3 matchgroup=NONE end="^\(;;\(\s\|$\)\)\@!" contained
syn match newlispDocCommentUserKeyword "^;;\s@[a-zA-Z_-]*\s"ms=s+3,me=e-1 contained
syn match newlispDocCommentKeyword "^;;\s@\(module\|index\|description\|location\|version\|author\|syntax\|param\|return\)\s"ms=s+3,me=e-1 contained
syn match newlispDocCommentKeyword "@link\s"me=e-1 contained
syn match newlispDocCommentItalic "<[^<>]\+>"hs=s+1,he=e-1 contained
syn match newlispDocCommentMonospace "'[^']\+'"hs=s+1,he=e-1 contained
syn match newlispDocCommentHTMLTag "<\/\=\(h1\|h2\|h3\|h4\|i\|em\|b\|tt\|p\|pre\|center\|li\|ul\|blockquote\)>" contained
syn match newlispDocCommentHTMLTag "<\(br\|hr\)\/\=>" contained
syn match newlispDocCommentHTMLEntity "&\w\+;" contained

syn cluster newlispListContent contains=TOP,newlispRightParenError
syn region newlispList matchgroup=newlispParenthesis start="(" end=")" contains=@newlispListContent,newlispListError
syn region newlispListError matchgroup=newlispLeftParenError start="^(" matchgroup=newlispParenthesis end=")" contains=@newlispListContent,newlispListError contained
syn match newlispRightParenError ")"

syn match newlispSymbol "\(\[\|[+-]\=\d\)\@!\k\+" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError
syn region newlispSymbolString start="\[" end="\]" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError

syn match newlispQuote "'" nextgroup=newlispQuote,newlispQuotedSymbol skipwhite
syn match newlispQuotedSymbol "\(\[\|[+-]\=\d\)\@!\k\+" contained nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError

syn match newlispNumberDec "[+-]\=[1-9]\d*" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError
syn match newlispNumberOct "[+-]\=0\o*" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError
syn match newlispNumberHex "[+-]\=0[Xx]\x\+" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError

syn match newlispFloat "[+-]\=\d\+[Ee][+-]\=\d\+" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError
syn match newlispFloat "[+-]\=\.\d\+\([Ee][+-]\=\d\+\)\=" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError
syn match newlispFloat "[+-]\=\d\+\.\d*\([Ee][+-]\=\d\+\)\=" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError

syn region newlispStringQuoted matchgroup=newlispStringDelimiter start=+"+ skip=+\\"+ end=+"+ contains=newlispStringEscapeError,newlispStringEscape nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError
syn match newlispStringEscapeError +\\.+ contained
syn match newlispStringEscape +\\["\\nrt]+ contained
syn match newlispStringEscape +\\\d\d\d+ contained
syn match newlispStringEscape +\\x\x\x+ contained

syn region newlispStringBraced matchgroup=newlispStringDelimiter start="{" end="}" contains=newlispStringNested nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError
syn region newlispStringNested matchgroup=newlispStringDelimiter start="{" end="}" contains=newlispStringNested contained

syn region newlispStringTexted matchgroup=newlispStringDelimiter start="\[text\]" end="\[\/text\]" nextgroup=newlispNoSeparatorError

syn match newlispNoSeparatorError "\(\"\|\k\)\+" contained

" This keywords list is based on newLISP v.10.3.0 build primes.h file
" XXX Don't forget to remove colon ":" and escape vertical bar "|"

syn keyword newlispFunction ! != $ % & * + ++ - -- / < << <= = > >= >> NaN? ^ abort abs acos acosh
syn keyword newlispFunction add address amb and append append-file apply args array array-list
syn keyword newlispFunction array? asin asinh assoc atan atan2 atanh atom? base64-dec base64-enc
syn keyword newlispFunction bayes-query bayes-train begin beta betai bind binomial bits callback
syn keyword newlispFunction case catch ceil change-dir char chop clean close command-event cond cons
syn keyword newlispFunction constant context context? continue copy copy-file cos cosh count cpymem
syn keyword newlispFunction crc32 crit-chi2 crit-z current-line curry date date-list date-parse
syn keyword newlispFunction date-value debug dec def-new default define define-macro delete
syn keyword newlispFunction delete-file delete-url destroy det device difference directory
syn keyword newlispFunction directory? div do-until do-while doargs dolist dostring dotimes dotree
syn keyword newlispFunction dump dump-symbol dup empty? encrypt ends-with env erf error-event eval
syn keyword newlispFunction eval-string exec exists exit exp expand explode extend factor fft
syn keyword newlispFunction file-info file? filter find find-all first flat float float? floor flt
syn keyword newlispFunction for for-all fork format fv gammai gammaln gcd get-char get-float get-int
syn keyword newlispFunction get-long get-string get-url global global? if if-not ifft import inc
syn keyword newlispFunction index inf? int integer integer? intersect invert irr join lambda? last
syn keyword newlispFunction last-error legal? length let letex letn list list? load local log lookup
syn keyword newlispFunction lower-case macro? main-args make-dir map mat match max member min mod
syn keyword newlispFunction mul multiply net-accept net-close net-connect net-error net-eval
syn keyword newlispFunction net-interface net-ipv net-listen net-local net-lookup net-packet
syn keyword newlispFunction net-peek net-peer net-ping net-receive net-receive-from net-receive-udp
syn keyword newlispFunction net-select net-send net-send-to net-send-udp net-service net-sessions
syn keyword newlispFunction new nil? normal not now nper npv nth null? number? open or pack parse
syn keyword newlispFunction parse-date peek pipe pmt pop pop-assoc post-url pow prefix pretty-print
syn keyword newlispFunction primitive? print println prob-chi2 prob-z process prompt-event
syn keyword newlispFunction protected? push put-url pv quote quote? rand random randomize read
syn keyword newlispFunction read-buffer read-char read-expr read-file read-key read-line read-utf8
syn keyword newlispFunction reader-event real-path receive ref ref-all regex regex-comp remove-dir
syn keyword newlispFunction rename-file replace reset rest reverse rotate round save search seed
syn keyword newlispFunction seek select self semaphore send sequence series set set-locale set-ref
syn keyword newlispFunction set-ref-all setf setq sgn share signal silent sin sinh sleep slice sort
syn keyword newlispFunction source spawn sqrt starts-with string string? sub swap sym symbol?
syn keyword newlispFunction symbols sync sys-error sys-info tan tanh term throw throw-error time
syn keyword newlispFunction time-of-day timer title-case trace trace-highlight transpose trim true?
syn keyword newlispFunction unicode unify unique unless unpack until upper-case utf8 utf8len uuid
syn keyword newlispFunction wait-pid when while write write-buffer write-char write-file write-line
syn keyword newlispFunction xfer-event xml-error xml-parse xml-type-tags zero? \| ~

syn keyword newlispVariable ostype $0 $1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $args $idx $it $main-args
syn keyword newlispKeyword fn lambda
syn keyword newlispPreloaded Class Tree module

" functions that became obsolete starting with newLISP 9.3 or 9.4
syn keyword newlispObsolete replace-assoc
syn keyword newlispObsolete set-assoc assoc-set set-nth nth-set ref-set
syn keyword newlispObsolete name
syn keyword newlispObsolete error-number error-text

" functions that still exist but are deprecated
syn keyword newlispDeprecated integer parse-date

" functions that are not compiled in by default
syn keyword newlispDebugging dump-symbol continue

syn match newlispColon ":"
syn match newlispComma ","

syn keyword newlispBoolean nil true

hi def link newlispNumberDec newlispNumber
hi def link newlispNumberOct newlispNumber
hi def link newlispNumberHex newlispNumber

hi def link newlispStringQuoted newlispString
hi def link newlispStringBraced newlispString
hi def link newlispStringNested newlispString
hi def link newlispStringTexted newlispString

hi def link newlispLeftParenError newlispError
hi def link newlispRightParenError newlispError
hi def link newlispNoSeparatorError newlispError
hi def link newlispStringEscapeError newlispError

hi def link newlispComment Comment
hi def link newlispTodo Todo
hi def link newlispDocComment Comment
hi def link newlispDocCommentExample Comment
hi def link newlispDocCommentUserKeyword Identifier
hi def link newlispDocCommentKeyword Type
hi def link newlispDocCommentItalic CommentItalic
hi def link newlispDocCommentMonospace CommentUnderlined
hi def link newlispDocCommentHTMLTag Statement
hi def link newlispDocCommentHTMLEntity Special
hi def link newlispList Normal
hi def link newlispParenthesis Delimiter
hi def link newlispSymbol Identifier
hi def link newlispSymbolString Type
hi def link newlispQuote Type
hi def link newlispQuotedSymbol Type
hi def link newlispNumber Number
hi def link newlispFloat Float
hi def link newlispStringDelimiter Delimiter
hi def link newlispString String
hi def link newlispStringEscape Special
hi def link newlispFunction Statement
hi def link newlispVariable Statement
hi def link newlispKeyword Statement
hi def link newlispPreloaded Statement
hi def link newlispObsolete Todo
hi def link newlispDeprecated Todo
hi def link newlispDebugging Todo
hi def link newlispColon Type
hi def link newlispComma Type
hi def link newlispBoolean Boolean
hi def link newlispError Error

" CommentItalic and CommentUnderlined groups have the same colors as
" plain Comment, but italic and underlined respectively. Therefore we
" need to recalculate those attributes on each colorscheme change.
" But we can't implement this for old Vim versions and semi-compatible
" highlighting tools, so defaults are supplied as a fallback.

hi link CommentItalic Identifier
hi link CommentUnderlined Underlined

function! s:color_of(where, what)
  let val = synIDattr(hlID("Comment"), a:what, a:where)
  return val == "" || val == -1 ? "" : printf(" %s%s=%s", a:where, a:what, val)

function! s:set_colors()
  let colors =  s:color_of("cterm", "fg") . s:color_of("cterm", "bg") . s:color_of("gui", "fg") . s:color_of("gui", "bg")
  exec "hi CommentItalic term=italic cterm=italic gui=italic" . colors
  exec "hi CommentUnderlined term=underline cterm=underline gui=underline" . colors

if version >= 700 && !exists("g:newlisp_compat")
  au ColorScheme <buffer> call s:set_colors()
  call s:set_colors()

let b:current_syntax = "newlisp"

" vim: textwidth=72