Boris FELD committed 6f8b8b6

Instance of Tasks are now nammed Steps

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 class Scheduler(object):
     def __init__(self):
-        self._tasks = {}
+        self._steps = {}
         self._status = {}
         self._executed = set()
         self._finished = set()
     def store(self, task):
         if not hasattr(task, 'name') or not hasattr(task, 'dependencies'):
             raise ArgumentException
-        if in self._tasks:
+        if in self._steps:
             raise DependenceNameAlreadyDeclared
-        self._tasks[] = task
+        self._steps[] = task
     def add_tag(self, task, *tags):
         self._output_tags.setdefault(, [])
     def _choose_task(self):
-        for task in (task for task_name, task in self._tasks.items() if not
+        for task in (task for task_name, task in self._steps.items() if not
                      task_name in self._executed):
     def _mark_remaining_tasks_skipped(self):
-        for task_name in self._tasks.iterkeys():
+        for task_name in self._steps.iterkeys():
             if not task_name in self._executed:
                 self._status[task_name] = DependencySkipStatus()
         return self._status
     def get_tasks(self):
-        return self._tasks
+        return self._steps
     def get_messenger(self):
         return self._store
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