!!! PLEASE NOTE: This version of OpenMAT is outdated. We are keeping the more recent versions of our software closed for most parts, 
as an open-source distribution is at the moment hard to maintain for us. The current version shown here will be kept open as a reference
implementation. The basic functionality is still functional and can be used as a base for custom implementations. !!!

Hello there, welcome to OpenMAT, the open motion analysis toolkit.

For licensing information, credits etc., please go to our Wiki: 

This directory contains the following folders:

- LpSensor: The core library to manage communication with LPMS devices. Most applications in this directory use this library.
- LpmsControl: An application to control and use LPMS devices.
- LpMocap: LpMocap human motion capture software.

- LpmsSimpleExample: A simple example on how to use the LpSensor library
- LpmsSanAngeles: Virtual reality application demo using an LPMS device for viewpoint control in a 3D environment
- LpmsBNativeAndroidLibrary: Java class for acquiring data from LPMS-B on an Android device

- OpenMATCommon: Common classes for the whole toolkit
- OpenMATInstaller: Script to build Windows installer based on NSIS
- LpSensorCWrapper: C language wrapper for LpSensor
- LpSensorCWrapperTest: Simple test application for C language wrapper

- LpmsFirmware: Open-source version of the LPMS firmware
- LpmsIAP: In-application programmer for LPMS