This is a mavenized Java 1.8 project. You should be able to compile and run these classes if you manage to figure out how Maven works (which is non-trivial due to the lack of good introductory manuals for Maven).

What is this repository for?

  • This is a Java library for the functions necessary to run a client, resource server, and authorization server as specified in draft-ietf-ace-oauth-authz. The base libraries do not include network functionality, since it tries to be protocol agnostic. However we provide CoAP client and server support as an example of a protocol specific adaptation based on Californium.
  • Since this is a Java library, it is not intended for resource constrained devices, rather it is intended to be used on the "other end", by the resource rich nodes talking to the resource constrained ones. We are planning to release code for constrained devices as well in the future.
  • Version: beta

How do I get set up?

  • Just clone the repo, do the Maven fu and you are good to go
  • Configuration: You need to set up a MySQL database to run the Junit tests. To run in production you need to configure everything, starting with your resource servers (out of scope here), the access control policies for the authorization server (KissPDP has a demo format backed in the database, check the test resources), the discovery of AS (out of scope again). If you don't know where to start you probably shouldn't use this in production settings.
  • Dependencies: Lots, check the .pom file
  • Database configuration: Set up a MySQL or Postgresql database, for running the Junit tests create a file 'db.pwd' with the root password of your test database at the root directory of this library (just the password nothing else). If you want an alternative database you have to change the dependencies to include another JDBC and double check if SQLConnector uses a compatible syntax.
  • How to run tests: Run the Test* class files in the src/test folders. The CoAP tests will auto start a CoAP server (as normal program not as Junit test) first (you don't need to do anything). For all tests to work you also have to replace JCE Unlimited Strength Policy files.
  • Deployment instructions: TBD. You should be able to set up the code for testing by just using the maven pom.xml and configuring the database (as explained above).

Contribution guidelines

  • Writing tests: Yes please! I'd be happy to support you if you have ideas about which tests would be needed.
  • Code review: Yes please! Please use the Issue tracker and/or Pull requests.
  • Other guidelines: Follow the Code Conventions for Java, don't add new dependencies unless there is a really good reason.

Who do I talk to?

  • This code is owned by RISE SICS and released as Open Source under the BSD 3 license.
  • Please contact ludwig dot seitz at ri dot se if you have questions or suggestions.


This code is in the framework of the CelticPlus project CyberWI, with funding from Vinnova. The PostgresSQL adapter code and many useful debug comments were supplied by Sebastian Echeverria from the SEI lab at CMU.