Why so many readmes?

Issue #3 on hold
Lucas Taylor
repo owner created an issue

We've got:

  • dbf.README
  • dbf.md
  • dbf.WHATSNEW
  • README.md

dbf.README looks to be a general intro while dbf.md looks to be more of an api reference.

README.md was created from dbf.README to provide a Bitbucket overview page and clarify that this repo is UNOFFICIAL.

Suggested actions:

  • Remove dbf.README and rely on README.md as the general intro
  • Rename dbf.md to API.md
  • Rename dbf.WHATSNEW to CHANGELOG.md

*.md will be rendered automatically by Bitbucket, so that's a nice bonus.

Comments (4)

  1. Ethan Furman

    Because I have dbf as a module instead of a package, I needed to have the files clearly belong to dbf since they would be sitting in .../site-packages/ along with other possible READMEs.

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