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UDP Growl Client for Twisted
A Twisted log observer that utilizes txGrowl to send a Growl message to registered daemons

Trial reporter mixin to provide growl notifications during testing

Default implementation growls test results when complete, but is easily customizable to report on different test events (start/stop/err/fail/success)

Customize the display by configuring the txGrowlReporter application in the Growl settings.


trial plugin to provide growl reporters

View the available reporters:

$ trial --help-reporters
Trial's output can be customized using plugins called Reporters. You can
select any of the following reporters using --reporter=<foo>

    bwverbose-growl     Colorless verbose output with Growl notifications
    subunit-growl       subunit output with Growl notifications
    growl       verbose color output with Growl notifications
    text-growl  terse text output with Growl notifications
    timing-growl        Timing output with Growl notifications
    summary-growl       minimal summary output with Growl notifications


from txGrowl import GrowlClient
from txGrowl import GrowlObserver

app_name = "My App"
password = "password"
destinations = ["",]

# Setup observer
growler = GrowlObserver(app_name, password, destinations)

# Require this key to be present in the log message in order to Growl
growler.required_key = "growl"

# Register notification types that Growl should display
growler.addNotification("Significant Event")
growler.addNotification("Not Configurable", gui_enabled=False)

growler.register() # Register application with destination growl daemons


log.msg("Boo", growl=True, notification="Default")
log.msg("Priority 1 Message", growl=True, notification="Special", priority=1)
log.err(Exception("Something Bad Happened"), growl=True)


Your application will have "Default" and "Error" available as Growl notifications that may be configured via the Growl System Preferences. Any notifications you add via addNotification will also be available


Messages may have numeric Priorities:

from txGrowl.protocol import growlPriority
growlPriority = {
    "Very Low": -2,
    "Moderate": -1,
    "Normal":    0,
    "High":      1,
    "Emergency" :2

The default is 0, (Normal)


  • Send messages to multiple growl daemons
  • Better formatting for messages
    • Include default icons for log.msg and log.err
    • Register app-specific icons
    • linebreaks are not handled properly
  • trial reporter plugin should be able to accept args for growl client