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better layout for the about window

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 		JTextPane txtpnAuthors = new JTextPane();
 		txtpnAuthors.setText("Blog Indexer 2012\r\nAuthors:\r\n - Adolfo Henrique Shneider\r\n - Lucas José Kreutz Alves\r\n\r\nInstituto de Informática\r\nUniversidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul");
 		GroupLayout gl_contentPane = new GroupLayout(contentPane);
-		gl_contentPane.setHorizontalGroup(gl_contentPane.createParallelGroup(Alignment.TRAILING).addComponent(txtpnAuthors, GroupLayout.DEFAULT_SIZE, 438, Short.MAX_VALUE));
-		gl_contentPane.setVerticalGroup(gl_contentPane.createParallelGroup(Alignment.LEADING).addGroup(gl_contentPane.createSequentialGroup().addContainerGap().addComponent(txtpnAuthors, GroupLayout.DEFAULT_SIZE, 260, Short.MAX_VALUE).addGap(26)));
+		gl_contentPane.setHorizontalGroup(gl_contentPane.createParallelGroup(Alignment.TRAILING).addComponent(txtpnAuthors, GroupLayout.DEFAULT_SIZE, 424, Short.MAX_VALUE));
+		gl_contentPane.setVerticalGroup(gl_contentPane.createParallelGroup(Alignment.LEADING).addComponent(txtpnAuthors, GroupLayout.PREFERRED_SIZE, 101, Short.MAX_VALUE));
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