An awesome text-to-noise application. Yep, Noise, not Speech. It gets a boring and tedious text and converts it to an awesome undefined sound. Pretty cool, no?

How to develop in Eclipse

Just clone this code in your Eclipse workspace and import this project to your Eclipse instance.


You can use any IDE you want to use. The code is in the src directory. Netbeans, for example, supports Eclipse projects importation.

How to run the application using Eclipse

After importing the project, just run the class TextToNoise present in the package br.ufrgs.inf.texttonoise.ui.

You can play any file in the Player tab. Just load it and press the Play button. You can change the dictionary in the Configurations tab. There are some dictionaries examples (JSON files) in the sample-files directory. There are more test dictionaries inside the src/test/resources directory.

In the Composer tab you can type a score and play it directly in the interface.

In the Freestyle tab you can act like a Conductor. Just press the start button and start pressing the buttons of your keyboard. Just remember to press the keys that are mapped in the dictionary definition file.




  • Adolfo Henrique Schneider
  • Lucas Jose Kreutz Alves -
  • Rodrigo Zanella Ribeiro


The good and old MIT License. See license.txt file.