A SQLite 3 extension that provides a minimal OGC GeoPackage implementation.

GeoPackage is an open, standards-based, application and platform independent, and self-describing file format for geodata based on SQLite.

Luciad is actively participating in the GeoPackage Standards Working Group to define this standard. We are releasing this library under the liberal Apache Software License to promote widespread adoption of this new format.

Luciad is using this library in its LuciadLightspeed and LuciadMobile products to handle GeoPackage data. Both products provide a rich set of components for geospatial situational awareness. See for more information.

A free GeoPackage viewer on Android, based on LuciadMobile, is available at


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libgpkg is distributed under the Apache Software License version 2.0.


  • Windows: download binaries from the Downloads page or compile from source.
  • Linux: compile from source.
  • MacOSX: install via homebrew using brew tap homebrew/science and then brew install libgpkg or compile from source.


libgpkg can be loaded into SQLite using the sqlite3_load_extension C function or using the load_extension SQL function. Once loaded libgpkg extends SQLite with the function listed below. These function can be used just like any of the core functions that SQLite provides.

libgpkg exposes a number of SQLite extension entry points:

  • sqlite3_gpkg_init: geopackage mode
  • sqlite3_gpkg_spl2_init: spatialite 2.x mode
  • sqlite3_gpkg_spl3_init: spatialite 3.x mode
  • sqlite3_gpkg_spl4_init: spatialite 4.x mode
  • sqlite3_gpkg_auto_init: auto detect mode

GeoPackage mode is the default mode which will produce sqlite database that comply with the GeoPackage specification.

The Spatialite modes provide limited compatibility with Spatialite 2.x, 3.x and 4.x sqlite databases respectively. These modes are not intend to be a replacement for Spatialite, but should provide sufficient compatibility to read and write Spatialite database.

The auto-detect mode will attempt to derive the mode that should be used based on the contents of the sqlite database. If the database type cannot be determined, GeoPackage will be used.

Supported SQL Functions

The SQL function reference page on the wiki contains an up to data list of the SQL functions that are supported by libgpkg.


  • Install CMake 2.8.9 or newer. CMake can be downloaded from or installed using your systems package manager.
  • Run 'cmake .' in the root of directory of the project to generate the build scripts for your system.
  • Build the project using the generated build scripts.
  • The build scripts will generate a number of binaries
    • shell/gpkg: a modified version of the SQLite 3 command-line shell that autoloads the GeoPackage extension. This is a standalone binary that has been statically linked with SQLite 3 and the GeoPackage extension.
    • gpkg/ (or gpkg.dll on Windows): a dynamically loadable SQLite 3 extension that provides the GeoPackage functionality. This extension library can be used with any SQLite 3 that supports extension loading.

More detailed compilation instructions per platform can be found on the wiki.

Getting Help

You can ask questions regarding libgpkg on the libgpkg-users mailing list.


  • libgpkg requires SQLite 3.7.0 or higher.