The time in which the picture is converted from PNG to webp is too long

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1.program: issue.jpg 2.client: issue2.jpg Both the client and the program are versions of 0.4.2-webp-imageio. The execution time is very slow, and the execution time between the client and the program is very different。

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  1. Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt

    Could you test your code with the latest revision of the library instead of the old 0.4.2 one. There have been a couple of performance optimisation in the meantime related to reading pixel data from the input images.

  2. caowenyan reporter

    issue3.jpg issue4.jpg Now the version is upgraded to 0.6.0, which is a comparison with the yesterday test, and the performance has been greatly improved. The execution time is 1s average. Now the version is upgraded to 1.0,this is the rsult: isu1526524640170.jpg The second is no difference basically between the 0.6 and the 1.0 versions. I would like to consult you.

    I wonder if my test is a better result at this stage.

  3. Pepijn Van Eeckhoudt

    The difference between 0.6 and 1.0 of the Java library is just the underlying libwebp version. Please refer to their changelog for details on what changed there.

    Between 0.4 and 0.6 the code that extracts RGB(A) data from the input BufferedImage objects has been optimised quite a bit. In 0.4, PNGs typically hit a slow generic fallback code path. In 0.6 this has been optimised. See for the details.

  4. caowenyan reporter

    What's the factors related to the conversion time of the picture? Now the time is over 1s when the size of the picture is longer than 1MB, that can be optimized yet?

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