Graphcis, Touch, Sound and USB

PIC24 Mikromedia

What is this repository for?

  • This repository contains the source code for all the projects and exercises offered in the book "Graphics, Touch, Sound and USB" (
  • It contains the PIC24 Mikromedia specific version of all the Board Support Packages (/uMB folder)
  • Other Mikromedia versions are available or currently in development including (PIC24EP, PIC32, PIC32 Plus…)

How do I get set up?

There are two options: Download the ZIP file or Clone the repository (using Mercurial)

Note that the Mercurial repository provides the most recent (and bug free) version available at any given point in time while the ZIP file is "frozen" to a specific version.

In both cases you will need then to follow the instructions provided in Chapter 1 to copy the entire MLA/Microchip folder to your working directory.


  • MPLAB X 1.8 or later
  • XC16 v.1.20 or later
  • MLA version 2013-06-15 (aka "legacy" MLA)

Who do I talk to?

  • If you find bugs or errata, please do not hesitate to write to the author at:

Your contributions are welcome!