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 helpful library to have if you want to quickly preview a static website locally,
 or if you want your application to feature a development web server.
+## Quick Start
+Here's a very quick example:
+    require 'vendor/bolt80/stupidhttp/lib/StupidHttp/Autoloader.php';
+    StupidHttp_Autoloader::register();
+    $server = new StupidHttp_WebServer('www_root', 8080);
+    $server->on('GET', '/')->call(function ($r) { echo 'Hello world!'; });
+    $server->run(array('run_browser' => true));
+What this does:
+* includes and registers the StupidHttp auto-loader
+* creates a new webserver on port `8080` with a static files root directory set
+  to `www_root` (relative to the current working directory).
+* defines a route that will respond `Hello world!` when a client requests the
+  website's root.
+* runs the default browser.
+## Examples
+StupidHttp ships with a few examples, appropriately located in the `examples`
+directory. Just run the PHP file from the command-line and you should see a
+simple web application show up in your default browser.
+## Other Resources
 For more information, documentation and examples, check out the [StupidHttp