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As the name indicates, StupidHttp is a very simple (and not very smart) HTTP library for PHP. It only supports one client, and implements only the minimum features of the HTTP spec (and probably even less). However, it's a very helpful library to have if you want to quickly preview a static website locally, or if you want your application to feature a development web server.

Quick Start

Here's a very quick example:

require 'vendor/bolt80/stupidhttp/lib/StupidHttp/Autoloader.php';

$server = new StupidHttp_WebServer('www_root', 8080);
$server->on('GET', '/')->call(function ($r) { echo 'Hello world!'; });
$server->run(array('run_browser' => true));

What this does:

  • includes and registers the StupidHttp auto-loader
  • creates a new webserver on port 8080 with a static files root directory set to www_root (relative to the current working directory).
  • defines a route that will respond Hello world! when a client requests the website's root.
  • runs the default browser.


StupidHttp ships with a few examples, appropriately located in the examples directory. Just run the PHP file from the command-line and you should see a simple web application show up in your default browser.

Other Resources

For more information, documentation and examples, check out the StupidHttp website.