CtrlP Auto-Ignore

This CtrlP extension adds support for per-project ignore patterns, as defined by a .ctrlpignore file located at the root of the the project. It's like .gitignore or .hgignore for CtrlP.

Install it by using you preferred Vim plugin manager (Pathogen or Vundle are recommended), and adding this to your vimrc:

let g:ctrlp_extensions = ['autoignore']

Of course, add 'autoignore' to an existing g:ctrlp_extensions if you're already using some other CtrlP extensions.

Next, add a .ctrlpignore file at the root of one of your project, and specify file and directory patterns to ignore. Don't forget to hit <F5> next time you open CtrlP to force it to refresh its search results.

Use :help ctrlp-autoignore for more information.