Lawrencium is a Mercurial wrapper for Vim, inspired by Tim Pope's Fugitive.


The recommended method to install Lawrencium is to use Pathogen, also from Tim Pope:

cd ~/.vim/bundle
hg clone

You can then update the help tags with :call pathogen#helptags() and browse Lawrencium's help pages with :help lawrencium.

Quick Start

Open a file from one of your Mercurial repositories.

:e ~/Work/Project1/src/

Work on it for a bit, then open another file, this time using Hgedit and a
repository-relative path:

:Hgedit src/

Take advantage of the auto-completion when typing the path! Work on that
other file too, then compare it to the parent revision version:


Continue working. At any moment, you can run a Mercurial command and get a
quick glance at its output:

:Hg log --limit 5 src/blah/bleh

Note how auto-completion will help you with all the built-in commands and
their options! Any other parameter will auto-complete with repository-relative

Once you're happy with your work, bring up the status window:


You can see the difference between modified files and their parent revision
version easily by moving the cursor to the appropriate line and hitting
<C-V>. You can also do an addremove by using <C-A> (use the selection mode
to add/remove several files at once!).

Now it's time to commit. While still in the status window, remove all mentions
of files you don't want to commit, and hit <C-S>. Write your commit message,
go :wq, and you're done! You can check everything went fine:

:Hg tip

You can also commit faster with the :Hgcommit command of course!

And that's it for now. Open the help file with :help lawrencium, and post
your questions and problems in the issue tracker on BitBucket.