Error "No Mercurial repository found above ..." when I switch buffers

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Philip Jag
created an issue

I'm using a.vim to easily switch between .h and .cpp files of a C++ project that is not in a mercurial repository. When I activate the command to switch files I get this error message displayed:

lawrencium: No Mercurial repository found above: /cygdrive/path/to/file/Im/editing.cpp

and have to acknowledge it (<CR> or <ESC>) before the file will change.

This shouldn't be an error that gets displayed to me because I know the file isn't in a mercurial repository. I think lawrencium should just silently do nothing when I switch buffers like this.

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  1. Philip Jag reporter

    It looks like s:setup_buffer_commands() is never getting called when I switch to a file using a.vim.

    Here's the augroup that is supposed to catch it.

    augroup lawrencium_detect
         autocmd BufNewFile,BufReadPost *     call s:setup_buffer_commands()
         autocmd VimEnter               *     if expand('<amatch>')==''|call s:setup_buffer_commands()|endif
    augroup end

    I looks like a.vim just runs silent! execute ":e".bang." " . FILENAME so I'm not sure what's going on here. Running e: myfile.cpp works fine for me.

  2. Philip Jag reporter

    Hmm, this bug happens slightly differently for the first buffer I open.

    I'm experiencing these symptoms:

    • vim myfile.h
    • use a.vim to switch to myfile.cpp. I see the error message echo'd, but I don't have to hit any key to make it go away. (Note that if I skip this step the following steps still happen).
    • :tabnew anotherfile.h (or :e)
    • use a.vim to switch to anotherfile.cpp. I get the error message now followed by the Press ENTER or type command to continue prompt.
    • I can still use a.vim for myfile

    I'm not using a minimal vimrc, so it could be a conflict with another plugin I'm using. I certainly don't expect you to debug my specific vimrc, but if you have any idea what's causing this issue in lawrencium I'd be grateful if you pointed me in a direction.

  3. Philip Jag reporter

    If I change BufReadPost to BufEnter in the lawrencium_detect autogroup I only see the issue when I switch to a file the first time, after that everything works as expected.

  4. Ludovic Chabant repo owner

    Could you have a 3rd plugin that messes things up? (or me a plugin that hides the issue?)

    I tried reproducing the bug:

    • Install a.vim
    • Create foo.cpp and foo.h somewhere
    • Open foo.cpp
    • Switch with :A

    I don't see the error message... am I missing something?

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