No commands work with spaces in paths

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Issue #13 resolved
Dan Okkels Brendstrup created an issue

Related to issue #2, which doesn't seem to be resolved? File paths with spaces are not escaped, so Vim throws an error when trying to Hgcommit changes to a file with spaces in its path, or Hgdiff etc.

Running latest 0.3.1 on MacVim 7.4 (72) on OS X 10.9.1.

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  1. Ludovic Chabant repo owner

    Ah yes it got fixed back then, but then I broke it with some refactor... :( And funnily enough, I ran into the issue for the first time since then just a couple days ago! Anyway, it's fixed now, at least for the main stuff. There may still be a few errors lying around.

  2. Dan Okkels Brendstrup reporter

    Great, thanks for the quick turnaround! I've pulled the latest changes and will report if I discover any outstanding errors.

    Thankfully most of the stuff I work on doesn't have spaces in filenames, but a few of our projects at work do, unfortunately :)

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