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Issue #22 closed
Sylvain Soliman created an issue

I recently noticed when working with symlinked files that though vim-signify shows the number of added/modified/removed lines (via airline), vim-lawrencium doesn't… Actually in the vim-signify code, they resolve(expand('%:p')).

This is not done in Lawrencium (no idea for fugitive for instance) but if you don't see any issue with resolving such symbolic links (e.g. .vimrc symlinked to a .dotfiles repo) I think it would be a nice enhancement.

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  1. Ludovic Chabant repo owner

    Well it's good you digged up the thread on Fugitive, otherwise I wouldn't have thought about some of those corner cases... I think it would be OK however to make path resolving an opt-in feature? It looks like you could still be bitten by it though... what kind of global solution are you going with?

  2. Sylvain Soliman reporter

    Indeed, an opt-in feature would be nice. I mostly can resolve to the full path from outside vim if needed, therefore I gave up the automation on the vim side.

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