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Issue #4 resolved
Mihai Sucan created an issue

I really like this vim script. Thanks for your work!

Can you please add mercurial queues support? I use mercurial queues a lot in my workflow.

Commands I have in mind:

  • Hgqseries would show the patches list and allow the user to press Enter on any of the patches listed to do qpush. This minibuffer could also provide other keyboard shortcuts for deleting a patch from the queue and adding a new one, renaming, etc.

  • Hgqpop and Hgqpush

  • Hgqq which would allow the management of queues. Similar to qseries, the minibuffer could allow addition, renaming and deletion of queues.


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  1. Ludovic Chabant repo owner

    Hi! Thanks for using my work :)

    I actually have a half-working MQ support here on my dev machine, but never got around to bring it to a publishable level. I'll try to do that!

    However, please note that I'm not planning on making Vim commands out of simple things like Hgqpop or Hgqpush. The reason is that you can already do that with Hg qpop and Hg qpush (note the space... this is using the general Hg command). If you want to make it faster to type, you can bind it something else.

    I try to only implement commands that actually add some integration with Vim's features.

  2. Mihai Sucan reporter

    Great! That makes sense - wrt qpush/qnew/etc.

    Looking forward to the mq support. Thanks!

  3. Ludovic Chabant repo owner

    Hey, just a heads up that I just started working on it. It's gonna take some time to get the qseries window working correctly though...

  4. Ludovic Chabant repo owner

    Ha ha it only took more than a year :) There's no advanced functionality in the qseries windows, though (you can only push/pop patches). In some distant future I'd like to make it easier to add/remove files to/from patches... although you can at least add files to patch using Hgstatusqrefresh from the Hgstatus window if you have a patch currently applied (but it's limited and not very intuitive)

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