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山大王 created an issue

I am a windows-user. I install this plugin following the intruduction: copy "lawrencium.vim" to plugin folder in vimfiles, and set "g:lawrencium_hg_executable" to my tortoiseHg path.

I can use vim-lawrencium to show "Hgstatus" of my workspace, but sometimes it responsed with "shell return -1" followed with "Interrupt : repo 'E:\mypy\projects\sss' not found".

Also ,I cannot use "Hgcommit" and many other hg command.

I am a newbies of vim. I searched for solutions but i've had no idea yet. Is this plugin not ready for windows-user ?

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  1. Ludovic Chabant repo owner

    Hey, I use Lawrencium on both Mac and Windows so I know it should be working fine. I'm not quite sure what the problem is but maybe you could diagnose it by running the command: ":call lawrencium#debugtrace()" This will tell Lawrencium to print messages for everything it's doing, including hg commands being run. This will show you what it's running behind the scenes, so you can see if it is somehow building arguments wrong or something.

    What introduction did you follow? I'm actually recommending to use pathogen. If you install it manually, you should not just copy lawrencium.vim, but everything else too, as it contains help files and resources files needed for Lawrencium to work correctly.

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