Django Alchemy

Django-alchemy provides easy way to maintain your SQLAlchemy models within
Django-based projects.

Known issues

There are plenty of issues that I am aware of but for now I'll leave this empty


Django-alchemy can be configured with some variables in the settings file.
These are:

  ALCHEMY_MODELS_ROOT (default is 'sqlmodels') - you may store your models in
     separate modules in same 'root_module'. It should be placed in
     INSTALLED_APPS tuple in settings file too.
     It is used only if you don't provide 'db_module' in your Database
     configuration dict (See ALCHEMY_DATABASES)

  ALCHEMY_DATABASES - it is a dict of database configuration dicts. See
     example project how to configure this.


Refer to INSTALL.txt file.


There is simple project called 'example'.
In order to use it you should have to configure file:
 - setup database connections.

Default is to use both mysql and postgresql database engines.
Additionaly, example project still uses Django ORM (sqlite file database)
to store sessions.

You have to run

    python syncdb

Command will create databases' schemas.
Thats it, you should be ready to go.

Take a look at example/scripts - there is '' and
''. They provide some information how to use this
setup for *standalone* Django-based application.