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 ``django-projector`` is aimed to work with Django 1.2 or later. Moreover, we
-strongly suggest to use ``virtualenv`` and ``virtualenvwrapper`` - great tools
+strongly suggest to use `virtualenv`_ and `virtualenvwrapper`_ - great tools
 for creating temporary environment to work on.
-Following packages are needed to get ``django-projector`` working:
+Requirements should be installed along with projector itself by the setuptools.
+There is also ``requirements.txt`` file at the root of source distribution with
+all needed packages. To install dependencies one should run pip [1]_ command::
-- `Django`_ >= 1.2
-- `django-autoslug`_
-- `django-celery`_
-- `django-extensions`_
-- `django-gravatar`_
-- `django-guardian`_
-- `django-pagination`_
-- `django-richtemplates`_
-- `django-sorting`_
-- `django-tagging`_
-- `django-treebeard`_
-- `celery`_
-- `vcs`_
-- `docutils`_
-- `Pygments`_
-- `Mercurial`_
+    pip install -r requirements.txt
+Trying it out
+``django-projector`` comes with boundled example project. It can be easily used
+- refer to :ref:`this document <example-project>` for more details.
 .. [1] `pip <>`_ is tool similar to `easy_install
     <>`_ with some more power (like
     smooth integration with `virtualenv <>`_,
-    ``freeze`` command, package uninstallation and others.
+    ``freeze`` command, package uninstallation, search and others.
-.. _celery:
-.. _django:
-.. _django-autoslug:
-.. _django-celery:
-.. _django-extensions:
-.. _django-gravatar:
-.. _django-guardian:
-.. _django-pagination:
-.. _django-richtemplates:
-.. _django-sorting:
-.. _django-tagging:
-.. _django-treebeard:
-.. _docutils:
-.. _pygments:
-.. _mercurial:
-.. _vcs:
+.. _virtualenv:
+.. _virtualenvwrapper:


 Before we can run example project we need to include media files. Thanks to
 `django-richtemplates`_ this is as easy as running one management command::
-   python import_media richtemplates projector
+    python import_media richtemplates projector
 This would fetch all necessary media files and put them into ``MEDIA_ROOT``
 defined at settings module.
 Now we need to create database (we use ``sqlite3`` backend for sample project).
 Type following command::
-   python syncdb
+    python syncdb
-Step 3 - finalize
+Step 3 - fire up a worker
+We need to run a celery worker for some heavy jobs to be done asynchronously.
+As we use celery_ we need to start it at one terminal::
+    python celeryd -l DEBUG
+Step 4 - finalize
-In fact there is no step 3 - simply run development server::
+In fact there is no step 4 - simply run development server::
-   python runserver
+    python runserver
 ... and open ``http://localhost:8000`` location in a browser.
+.. _celery:
 .. _django-richtemplates:


     # External
-    'debug_toolbar',
-    'djangodblog',
-    'tagging',
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