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Add plugins system

Łukasz Balcerzak
repo owner created an issue

Django applications are all about being generic and as so most of them are kind of //plugins// already. On the other hand, main reason pluggable applications (as a concept) are great thanks to their flexibility. In our view plugins system for projector would make it even more flexible.

How? Simply - we would use registration //design pattern// similar to one offered by {{{django.contrib.admin}}}. We would gather information from {{{projector.py}}} (or some other module) for each application stored at {{{INSTALLED_APPS}}} or some projector's specific config (yet to be decided).

We could then move core components into core (as for instance //users// internal application is simply pluggable - with some projector imports) and leave ability to plug external apps (for example repository browser should be such not-core app). This would allow developers to add projector adapter into own's applications.

This seems like a lot of work so we put this under 0.3 milestone, especially as we propose this enhancement thanks to class-based views being currently implemented at projector.

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