django-richtemplates -- basic Richfaces port for Django projects

django-richtemplates is a set of templates (surprise!), template tags, media files providing presentation layer similar to what Richfaces library offers for J2EE developers - not outstanding but still nice looking and elegant.

We wanted to have ability to prototype Django projects/applications with some basic set of templates and thats why django-richtemplates was created. We use it for our company's intranet applications but it can be also easily used for example projects in other Django pluggable applications.


Refer to docs/installation.rst file.


Documentation is available online at

Plain restructuredText documents are located at docs/ directory. You may also build html version by running make html at docs/ directory or python build_sphinx.

Bugs and issues

Bug and issue tracker is located at bitbucket's project page You may find sources there as well.


License should be included in LICENSE file. Remember that Richtemplates make use of some third part tools. Those tools have their own licenses.

Third part tools

  1. jQuery - jquery
  2. famfamfam icons - famfamfam