1. Łukasz Balcerzak
  2. django-richtemplates


================================================================ django-richtemplates -- basic Richfaces port for Django projects ================================================================ `django-richtemplates`_ is a set of templates (surprise!), template tags, media files providing presentation layer similar to what Richfaces library offers for J2EE developers - not outstanding but still nice looking and elegant. We wanted to have ability to prototype Django_ projects/applications with some basic set of templates and thats why `django-richtemplates`_ was created. We use it for our company's intranet applications but it can be also easily used for example projects in other Django_ pluggable applications. Installation ------------ Refer to ``docs/installation.rst`` file. Documentation ------------- Documentation is available online at http://packages.python.org/django-richtemplates/. Plain restructuredText documents are located at ``docs/`` directory. You may also build *html* version by running ``make html`` at ``docs/`` directory or ``python setup.py build_sphinx``. Bugs and issues --------------- Bug and issue tracker is located at bitbucket's project page http://bitbucket.org/lukaszb/django-richtemplates/. You may find sources there as well. License ------- License should be included in LICENSE file. Remember that `Richtemplates` make use of some third part tools. Those tools have their own licenses. Third part tools ---------------- 1. `jQuery` - jquery_ 2. `famfamfam icons` - famfamfam_ .. _jquery: http://docs.jquery.com .. _famfamfam: http://www.famfamfam.com/archive/silk-icons-thats-your-lot/ .. _Django: http://www.djangoproject.com .. _django-richtemplates: http://bitbucket.org/lukaszb/django-richtemplates/