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Documented 'package' config for test envs

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    would be treated as relative to ``{toxinidir}``. **default**:
+.. confval:: package=BOOL
+   .. versionadded:: 1.5
+   Set to ``False`` if you don't want tox to perform package-related steps
+   (building source distribution and installing it). Might be useful for
+   non-package projects (i.e. all that lacks ```` file). **default**:
+   ``True``.


 Firstly, you need to prepare configuration for your development environment. In
 order to do that, we must define proper section at ``tox.ini`` file and tell at
 what directory environment should be created. Moreover, we need to specify
-python version that should be picked::
+python version that should be picked and tell tox not to perform any package
+related steps::
     envdir = devenv
     basepython = python2.7
+    package = False
 Actually, you can configure a lot more, those are the only required settings.
 Here is example configuration for that::
+    package = False
     envdir = devenv
     changedir = devenv
     basepython = python2.7
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