Mike Orr committed cd1db20

Change for SQLAlchemy 0.6 (can't do 'if collection:').

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   - Fix HTML overescaping and underescaping in auto_link().  Patch by Marius
+* webhelpers.paginate:
+  - Change for SQLAlchemy 0.6. (bug #11)
 * webhelpers.pylonslib:
   - Fix HTML overescaping.  Patch by Marius Gedminas.


         # Decorate the ORM/sequence object with __getitem__ and __len__
         # functions to be able to get slices.
-        if collection:
+        if collection is not None:
             # Determine the type of collection and use a wrapper for ORMs
             self.collection = get_wrapper(collection, sqlalchemy_session)
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