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Put docs for non-essential modules in other.rst.

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-Minor subpackages
-.. toctree::
-  :maxdepth: 1
-  modules/markdown
-  modules/textile
+`Non-essential modules <modules/other.html>`_: markdown, textile, string24.

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+Non-essential modules
+``webhelpers.markdown`` is a copy of Markdown 1.7, used as a fallback for
+``webhelpers.html.converters.markdown()`` if the full Markdown package is not
+installed. See the `Markdown <>` website for documentation on the Markdown
+format and this module.  Markdown is now at version 2.x and contains new
+features and plugins which are too big to include in WebHelpers. There is also
+an alternate implementation called Markdown2.  Both are available on PyPI.  See
+the ``markdown()`` documentation for how to use them with WebHelpers.
+``webhelpers.textile`` is a copy of Textile, used by
+``webhelpers.html.converters.textilize()``.  See the `Textile <>`_ site for
+documentation on the Textile format and this module.
+``webhelpers.string24`` is a copy of Python 2.4's ``string`` module, for
+programs still running on Python 2.3.  It will be removed in a future version
+of WebHelpers.