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<p>WebHelpers contains a wide variety of utility functions for web applications
and other applications. It's pure Python and can be used with any web
framework.  Version 0.6.x has been used in production sites since July 2008.
Version 1.0 is almost finished and contains many enhancements. WebHelpers comes
with an extensive set of doctests and Nose unittests.</p>

<p>WebHelpers includes the widely-used HTML tag builder with smart escaping and
convenience functions for common tags. These ensure the HTML tags are
syntactically correct and prevent cross-site scripting attacks. Convenience
functions for form input tags and other common tags are provided.</p> 

<p>Other helpers
perform text processing, display records a pageful at a time, generate Atom/RSS
feeds with geographical (GIS) data, handle MIME types, calculate statistics,
and more.  There are also high-level container types, including a value counter
and accumulator.  There are lists of country names, country codes, US states,
Canadian provinces, and UK counties.</p>

<p>WebHelpers is pure Python and has no dependencies.  However, a few
helpers depend on 
<a href="">Routes</a>, 
<a href="">unidecode</a>, 
<a href="">WebOb</a>, or
<a href="">Pylons</a>, or
as noted in their documentation.</p>

<p>For support/question/patches, please use the
<a href="">pylons-discuss</a>
mailing list.</p>


<p>The helpers deprecated in 0.6 have been deleted in 1.0.  This includes the
entire Rails suite, Prototype, and Scriptaculous. If you're still using these
helpers, stick with version 0.6.4.</p>

<p>WebHelpers requires Python 2.4 or later. It has not been tested with Python
3 yet.</p>

<p><a href="changes.html">Full changelog</a></p>

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      <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("todo") }}">TODO</a><br/>
         <span class="linkdescr">future development plans</span></p>
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      <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("genindex") }}">General Index</a><br/>
         <span class="linkdescr">all functions, classes, terms</span></p>
      <p class="biglink"><a class="biglink" href="{{ pathto("modindex") }}">Module Index</a><br/>
         <span class="linkdescr">quick access to all documented modules</span></p>
  <p>Download <a href="">WebHelpers PDF documentation</a>.</p>


  <p>WebHelpers source code is at BitBucket.</p>

    <a href="">Overview</a> -
    <a href="">Wiki</a> -
    <a href="">Source code</a>  -
    <a href="">Bug tracker</a>

  <p>To check out the Mercurial repository:</p>
  <pre>hg clone</pre>

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