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downloadduxiu readme

About this package

This downloadduxiu package is used to download books either from duxiu or from chaoxing if the book is accessable in your browsers.


# prex direction must be created in order to execute this command.

# on linux
./ --tofile=tofile --prex=prex --procnum=n 'yourlink'
# on windows --tofile=tofile --prex=prex --procnum=n 'yourlink'

# this script must be run first to prepare the prefaces before any images copyed to current direction.

# on linux
./ *.jpg *.png
# on windows *.jpg *.png

# copy preface images prepared in last step to where content page images sit and use command below to generate the whole document.

# on linux
./ --tofile=somename.pdf *.png *.jpg
# on windows --tofile=somename.pdf *.png *.jpg

# on linux
# on windows

Usage on Windows

Create a dir named xiazai. Replace with your link between the double quatation marks on the last line but one in the file. Save it and double click to execute the file.

import os

def main(s):
    os.system(' --prex=xiazai --logfile=logfile --procnum=1 "%s"'%s)

if __name__ == '__main__':
    # replace your link with your actual link sat in your email.
    s = "your link"
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