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This is the source code of Kotka collection management system, which is being built for Finnish natural history collections. More information about Kotka

In addition to this repository, using Kotka depends on Luomus' ontology database, triplestore editor and triplestore API. If you are interested in testing Kotka, please contact kotka(├Ąt)

Kotka is released under MIT license.

Installation (dev enviroment)

  • You need the following software installed:
  • Clone this repository
  • [Optional] Clone submodules with command (this is only needed if your going to make changes to less):

    git submodule update --init --recursive

  • Fetch the vagrant dev box to your local computer. On server vihertikka D:\kotka\

  • Add the fetched box to vagrant with

    vagrant box add kotkadev <location of>

  • In the newly created folder run

    vagrant up

  • Login to the new box by issuing command

    vagrant ssh

  • Go to directory /vagrant and configure all the needed elements. You can do this by copying *local.php files from kotkatest (directory /var/www/kotka/config/autoload).

  • Open browser to address

Handy info

When you stop developing you have few options on how to close the virtual machine

# Destroys all the traces of the virtual machine
vagrant destroy

# Shutdowns the virtual machine
vagrant halt

# Saves the current running state to hd
vagrant suspend

Use one of the above. When ever you return to developing you just use the command

vagrant up